HandShake Construction Co., was formed to bring back the honesty and integrity in home building in San Angelo and surrounding areas. A hand shake means more than a greeting to us, it's an old fashion bond between our company and your family. We will strive to bring your DREAM to reality. HSCCo., will never cut corners to save a buck! We will build your home upon solid structural and moral foundation to ensure its sustainability over time. Blessed you shall be when you enter your home!


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This process can be a beautiful headache and a real marriage tester! Stay 90% happier when you go through this process with HSCCo. From the first board nailed in to the last tile laid on your flooring; it would be an honor and a blessing for us to build your NEW custom home!


When the time comes to plan and start the dreaded process of remodeling your home, give us a call. I know everyone has a little DIY (Do It Yourself) in them, but if you need help or maybe just fix what you didn't break, you guessed it, we are here.

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Get your custom Epoxy counter tops or your garage re-done. Epoxy is best known as a type of durable glue that provides a high level of bonding properties that are far superior to most ordinary paste style glues.


HandShake Construction Co., will always back its Military, Vets, First Responders, Medical Professionals and Teachers. Contact us about your discount that y'all have earned. Yup that's me in Afghan in 2009, Army Infantry SSG.

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We are just two Texans wanting to bring back good olé fashion relationships between people of Angelo and builders while keeping biblical principles in every step of the building process. If you're in need of some home improvement projects, roof replacement or a NEW custom built home, consider working with HandShake Construction Co. For each of our services we have experienced professionals that will handle your project with detail and care.

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Whether you’re hiring a Construction Company for the first or tenth time, it’s always important to make sure you’re working with a company that values great work. If you’d like to see what our clients have to say about doing business with us, read below. Feel free to make your own contribution - we always love hearing from our valued customers.


Hands down the best home renovation experience I’ve ever had.  These young men are consummate professionals.  My finished product is a beautiful showpiece.  They made minimal mess, and made sure to clear away everything at the end of each day to minimize the impact on my daily life.  Not only did they complete all the work agreed upon with very high quality workmanship, but they also fixed some issues they noticed during the repairs, at no extra cost to me.  They also volunteered to take on another eye sore project of mine  in the middle of this job.  They put in a lot of extra work and left me with some very thoughtful and sentimental touches to the project.  And they honored their promise of a Military Discount. These are kind young men of character with a strong work ethic.  I highly recommend their services for any job large or small.  Please let them quote your project.

Kathy Fiscus
San Angelo, TX

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